GLS - Data export

  • Manual export of orders for label printing.

Orders can be transferred to the GLS system by exporting to CSV format. Follow the instructions for exporting orders to obtain this file. Import the obtained file into the GLS  carrier's system. It contains all the necessary information to set up a dispatch for which you can subsequently order a collection.

Tracking URL ParcelShop

Optimization for GLS ParcelShop

Optimization is performed by adding predefined fields.

  • Note to the export of orders # 1 (export_shipment_note) - A column containing the type of service to be delivered. GLS will confirm the current value for a specific type of service.
    In the case of delivery to ParcelShop, GLS requires the ID of the branch to which it is delivered to be sent in the service. In general, the format is PSD (12345-name of the parcelshop). This can be achieved by using the %BRANCH_ID% dynamic proxy, which inserts the branch ID used in the order. Value PSD(%BRANCH_ID%) is therefore entered in the Note to export orders #1 field for GLS ParcelShop transport.
  • SMS to the customer (sms_yn) - column 17; if there is 1 fill in the phone no.
  • In the field Balikobot - type of transport the carrier GLS is listed in its full name General Logistics Systems Czech Republic s.r.o.
    This is the name together with the names of the specific delivery types provided by Balikobot.
The addon enables connection to the following services: