Česká pošta - Balík na poštu

  • Manual export of orders for label printing.
  • Automatic setting of the carrier's network of dispensing points.

The customer creates an order for you on the e-shop. You will then transfer it to the Czech Post system using a CSV file. There, all the required data from the order will be loaded and you can easily print the label. This method of data transfer is called manual export of orders and their subsequent import into the Czech Post system.  

Tracking URL Česká pošta


Optimization for Česká pošta

Optimization is performed by adding predefined fields. The following optimizations apply to the Česká pošta (current) - CSV:

  • Note to the export of orders #1 (export_shipment_note): column 10 - Additional services.
  • Note to the export of orders #2 (export_shipment_note_2: column 14 - Shipment type.


The addon enables connection to the following services: