• A simple system for creating and collecting reviews.
  • Collect, display and distribute customer reviews, photos and videos of your store.
  • Earn customer trust by showcasing authentic customer experiences.a

Manage your reviews with an easy-to-use dashboard. You can display great looking lists of customer reviews, ratings, photos/videos and more in your store. 

The add-on will ensure automatic growth of reviews. You will receive more customer reviews, photos and videos with it and increase your sales. In return, you can offer customers discounts, points or other discounted purchase options. 

You can customize the appearance templates of each widget to suit your needs!

Add-on installation

To install the add-on:

  • By registering at https://app.fera.ai/.
  • By creating a widget in Fera that you want to display and use.
  • By pasting the generated code from the Fera app into the Upgates administration where you want to display it. 

The addon enables connection to the following services: