• The fastest and most affordable print customisation tool.
  • PitchPrint is a platform that you connect to your webshop that allows customers to customize any of your products and view them in 3D before creating an order.

Graphic configurator

And here are some of the products that can be customized using PitchPrint.

  • Business cards
  • T-shirts, hats, hoodies, etc.
  • Mugs
  • Banners and other large format prints
  • Greeting cards
  • Stationery such as envelopes, receipts, letterheads, etc.
  • Packaging for products such as phones, computers, etc

And what can Pitchprint do?

  • Adobe photo editor
  • Design templates - a design template that loads when the application is launched
  • CMYK PDF vector output, ready to print
  • Clean, uncluttered user interface design
  • CSV/Excel upload for variable data
  • Data form for quick editing
  • Product color selection for t-shirts, mugs, etc.
  • Customer canvas customization for banners and designs that need custom sizing

Requirements for implementation:

  • Need to have the code editor enabled
  • You need to use our servers to attach the creation to the order (100 CZK/month)

The addon enables connection to the following services: