• Deferred payments.
  • In order to use the deferred payment service, you must first contact Twisto regarding the terms of cooperation.
  • To activate the add-on that connects the Twisto system with the e-shop, follow the help.

More about Twisto

Connect with Twisto Pay and make yourself and the customers of your e-shop happy. Twisto Pay is the fastest and most secure payment method used by over 600,000 satisfied customers today. The advantage of deferred payments Twisto is already used by almost 1,000 Czech e-shops.

How does Twisto actually work?

1) Your customer in the cart pays through their Twisto Pay account

When you offer the Twisto Pay payment method to customers in your cart on your e-shop, it can pay from your account in a matter of seconds. Everything happens automatically, there is no need to copy the credit card number or anything like that. No SMS notification codes. He pays for the order with one click.

2) You have money in your account the next day!

You can expose your order the same day. Twisto guarantees that you will receive the money to your account the next day. However, you will offer customers the advantage that they can pay up to 14 days after ordering.

3) You are no longer solving anything

The client then pays for the order within 14 days and solves it with Twist. If they don't pay on time or are a scam, the e-shop may not be able to resolve the matter.

Advantages of the Twisto Pay payment method

  • Get more customers - at is the most visited page with a list of partner e-shops, about which Twisto also informs about the newsletter

  • Get more orders - up to 12% increase in conversion rate with fewer abandoned baskets

  • Higher order values ​​ - Within 14 days, customers will be able to order more items

  • Increase purchase frequency and improve cash flow

Twisto payment processing in the e-shop

In the e-shop administration, there is a Twisto section in the order details if the order has this type of payment. In the Twisto section, the invoice can be activated, printed, etc. These actions need to be done manually, no automatic actions are used here.

The addon enables connection to the following services: