WEDO Point (Uloženka)

  • Manual export of orders for label printing.
  • Automatic setting of the carrier's network of dispensing points.

Uloženka, s.r.o. operates on the Czech market since 2010 and offers professional logistics services for e-commerce. Uloženka is an integrator of third-party logistics services and also offers a network of its own and partner points of sale.

Own professional dispensing points The post office specializes not only in dispatching and receiving parcels, but also offers value added services. cities and Slovakia.

Tracking URL Uloženka

Optimization for Uloženka

Optimization is performed by adding predefined fields. More info.

  • Order export note #1 (export_shipment_note) - if the transport store does not have active branches, then the value from the Order export note #1 field is inserted into the transport_service column in the export CSV. With active branches, the value from the selected branch in the order is inserted into the transport_service column.
  • Insurance (insurance_yn) - a field influencing if the insurance value of a shipment is generated to the CSV export for Uloženka. This is a check box. If this field is not activated or is checked, then the insurance value will be inserted into the CSV export for Uloženka. When the field is empty, no insurance will be generated.
The addon enables connection to the following services: