• It allows you to compare product offers from more than 18 thousand Polish e-shops.
  • Its users can compare the prices of almost 25 million products, which is 15-20% of all e-commerce.
  • Ceneo works in the same way as the comparison sites you are familiar with: on the product tab, it ranks stores by "best" - it ranks them after comparing the CPC values of individual offers, customer ratings and product price.
  • In addition, during the pre-Christmas season, Ceneo increases the price per click by an average of 10-20% of the base

About the service is Poland's most popular comparison site, founded in 2005. In 2022, it had 23 million users. It enables them to make the ideal purchasing decision by helping them find products from a large number of online stores and comparing their price. For many stores, Ceneo is the most important sales channel.

Since 2009, it has offered the Zaufane opinie programme. With its help, users can share their opinion about an e-shop, a product and a supplier. In Poland, it has a major influence on the formation of opinions about goods and sellers.

The comparator also offers the possibility to shop using a virtual shopping cart with the Buy Now function. Customers can shop from multiple e-shops simultaneously, use one basket and pay all at once.

These add-ons connect you to the service:

Offer of individual connections through agencies: