MALL Delivery

  • Transport service provided by Mall Group.
  • Automatic transfer of orders to the MALL Delivery system.
  • Labels and shipping manifest are generated.
  • Automatic responses to changes in shipment status.

About the service

MALL Delivery is a service provided by the Mall Group to simplify logistics processes and order processing for our partners.

The service works in such a way that the partner, upon receipt of the order, picks the goods according to its standard process, except that during the packing process it receives the carrier label directly from the MALL Partner Portal. Shipment of the package is done through the affiliate network of Uloženka by WE|DO or the partner has the option of ordering the delivery service directly to their warehouse for larger shipment volumes. The MALL Partner system automatically fills in the tracking information for the end customer for the orders and also updates the order status at the time of delivery.

Benefits of the service

  • Partner does not have to deal with connecting to carriers or manually copying orders into their system
  • Order and shipment records are available in one place in the MALL Partner Portal
  • the partner does not pay any shipping charges to the customer, except when they decide to give free shipping on a product
  • the service automatically completes the tracking of the shipment for the end customer
  • the partner does not have to switch the final order status, the service updates it by itself, including filling in the mandatory parameters
  • questions and complaints regarding your shipments are solved in one place through the Operations team: or phone number +420 226 254 554


The current version of the service supports shipping in the Czech and Slovak Republics for smallbox packages. We cover both types of transport - the MALL network and home delivery.

Offer of individual connections through agencies: