• Customer care to help you handle customer queries using self-service.
  • Generate a QR code for payment by bank transfer or open an online payment gateway.
  • Returning an order is a matter of just a few clicks.
  • API connection.

With MessageOk, customers can cancel orders themselves, change the method of payment, create a label for Packeta, order the return by courier and other requirements for which no chat required.

It will no longer happen that questions from customers arrive incomprehensible or incomplete from the contact form. A message from customers always arrivesperfectly prepared for the solution. Less unnecessary correspondence and more time on real solution to the requirements.

How does customer self-service increase customer satisfaction?

Simply put: in fact, customers know very well what they need. If it's possible to get to what they need without having to jump from page to page, groping or searching too much, their feeling of being able to help themselves will greatly improve the overall customer experience.

MessageOk is not a classic chat. It is a web-based self-service for your customers, which will streamline the work of your customer support and speed up the processing of incoming requests. For queries that repeat, just create a so-called customer scenario. Thanks to these scenarios, each customer goes through the process of entering their request step by step. The result is absolutely clear and well-arranged requirement with valid data,which your operators can handle solve on average 60% faster, than messages sent via chat, email or phone.

Detailed statistics will show you the most common reasons for contact and you will know which areas you should focus on.

Jak na to?

In a simple editor, you put the individual steps together. You add a box to obtain the order number, ask the customer if he wants to return the money, etc. Gradually, a complete customer scenario will be created. The customer scenario can be, for example, the return of goods, determining the status of the order or a complaint about the shipment.

You can use the service with any ticketing tool, online chat or tool for managing your corporate e-mail box.

The addon enables connection to the following services: