Abra Flexi

  • Practical accounting program
  • Designed for sole traders and smaller companies
  • Address book, contacts, bank and cash register, EET, invoicing, tax accounting and simple accounting, double-entry bookkeeping, asset accounting, payroll and HR, warehouse management.
  • Possibility to try any variant for a month for free

About the service

The ABRA FlexiBee accounting software is designed for sole traders and smaller companies. It can be accessed from anywhere, via Windows, Mac and Linux. Clients can choose from several variants, Basic, Business or Premium, depending on the needs of their company. Clients will find invoice management, asset management, HR and payroll, warehouse and price list management, business partner records, etc. in FlexiBee.

There are many accounting software. When they have multiple agendas, you usually have to download them to your computer. When they work online, they often offer only a limited number of features. But when you're running a business and have a team of people under you, you need more. Software that can do a lot, and at the same time you can connect to it anytime, anywhere. That's why ABRA Flexi is here.

ABRA Flexi is used by more than 20,000 satisfied users. Each option can be rented or purchased with regular annual support renewals. Advantages of all variants: unlimited number of companies. Unlimited number of documents. Unlimited number of users to read. ABRA Flexi will help you implement your plans to run your business differently than others. It gives creative ideas the technological foundation they need.

Ideas are the foundation of success. With Flexi, you have the background to make them happen.

Offer of individual connections through agencies: