• An integrator offering the linking of an e-shop with many accounting programs.
  • It allows you to customize the connection according to your needs.
  • Many years of experience and interconnection of more than 2 000 eshops.

It offers a solution that enables the connection of the e-shop with the most common accounting programs used in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

No boxed solution, but a connection that can be completely customized to the functioning of your company.

Why choose our connection?

  • 12 years of experience
    We have been connecting accounting and ERP systems and e-shops for more than 11 years. In that time we have accumulated a lot of experience.

  • Open platform
    The transfer scripts are written in PHP, you can be able to make modifications to the transfer logic yourself.

  • Fast delivery
    We have what we offer ready to go. Unless you have atypical requirements, delivery can be very fast. We will be happy to communicate a possible date, depending on the current workload.

  • Customer support
    Support with guaranteed response time is part of the product. It is clear to us that the connection of the e-shop with the company system is important for you and any failure is a big complication.

  • Customized solutions
    We customize every single connection because we know that each of our customers works differently.

  • Automation
    Our software makes a lot of work easier - no more rewriting orders, manually updating product availability, etc.
The addon enables connection to the following services: