Kros Omega

  • Accounting and economic software.
  • Double-entry bookkeeping, invoicing and warehouse.
  • Automatically produces financial statements or VAT returns for you.
  • Checks your accounting and warehouse and warns you in advance of possible errors.
  • Calculates accounting and tax depreciation according to current legislation.

About the service

We help create stories of successful Slovak companies. Whether you're big or small, you need software you can rely on. That's why OMEGA is here.

It automatically creates your financial statements or VAT returns for you. It checks your accounts and stock and alerts you in advance to potential errors. It will calculate accounting and tax depreciation according to current legislation.

  • Double-entry bookkeeping and VAT
    In OMEGA, you can easily post documents and accounting examples using ready-made templates.

  • Electronic documents
    Thanks to the automatic processing of documents, you will save a lot of time and costs.

  • Invoicing and trade
    Issue invoices quickly and without errors in OMEGA, send them to customers cheaply and organically.

  • Digital archive
    All documents in your company are under your control.

  • Assets
    OMEGA automatically calculates accounting and tax depreciation for you according to current legislation.

  • Warehouse management
    Easily link the warehouse to invoicing and cash register and keep track of your products.

  • Driving and travel orders
    Fuel consumption and business travel expenses are under your control.

  • Tax returns
    In a few clicks you can fill in all kinds of tax returns, using up-to-date forms of course.

  • Imports, exports
    Transfer large amounts of data with finesse and file hundreds of documents in a matter of minutes.

  • Networking, multiple accounting systems
    You can handle multiple companies without any problems. You can bill, invoice or manage your warehouse simultaneously.

  • Cash registers
    Sell without worry. Pay invoices in cash, by card or cheque. Simply print the slips.

  • Advance invoices
    You always deduct received and granted advances correctly in your tax documents, even in foreign currency.

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