Money S3

  • A simple accounting system.
  • Connection to your e-shop processes - orders, warehouse.
  • Management and accounting reports for important decisions.
  • Processes the ledger, invoicing, payroll and HR, tax records, double-entry bookkeeping, asset records, warehouse management and orders, ledger.

About the service

Working with Money S3 will save you hours of time spent on your accounting each month. Money S3 takes care of everything your business needs - from issuing receipts to tax records and double-entry bookkeeping to filing tax returns. All in a few clicks in an intuitive environment.

Thanks to the beautiful graphical design, you'll be as familiar with your company's charts and numbers as the experienced analysts. In Money S3, you can find out in a few clicks which goods are selling best and which ones are taking up unnecessary space in the warehouse and should be replaced by a better turnaround. Easily compare the books with previous years.

Don't burden your business with tedious administration any more. Issuing all the necessary documents in Money S3 is a matter of seconds and orders so you don't have to think about them at all.

These add-ons connect you to the service:

Offer of individual connections through agencies: