• Save time when processing orders even for smaller e-shops.
  • Save on human resource costs by automating repetitive activities.
  • Print labels in the Upgates administration.
  • Send orders to all shipping systems at the click of a button.
  • Automatic checking of shipping addresses ensures lower return rates.
  • Manage PackageBot directly in the Upgates administration.

Balíkobot will easily connect you to the contracted carriers, arrange label printing and all administration directly from your system, and help you with perfect tracking of shipments. Save time processing orders, lose money on undelivered shipments, and increase customer satisfaction.

Why Balíkobot?

  • You don't have to connect to carrier systems - you control everything from your Upgates.
  • Print labels quickly and easily directly from your administration.
  • Automatic address validation eliminates errors and increases delivery.
  • Keep track one step ahead and only increase customer satisfaction by tracking shipments.
  • It's all real-time, so you can respond in a timely manner.

Main benefits of the Package

Administration from your system - You don't have to connect to any external application, you control everything directly from Upgates that you work with every day.

Carrier Connection - Enough logging in to multiple carriers' systems, control everything conveniently directly from Upgates.

Print labels - Print labels conveniently, easily and quickly.

Address Validation - Eliminate data errors before you submit, increasing delivery and reducing dissatisfied customers.

Perfect tracking of shipments - Thanks to unique technology, you can respond to current shipment status with automatic messages and track, where the shipments are located. This takes you one step ahead, so you can resolve any issues before the customer learns.

Marketing Opportunities - With enhanced shipment tracking, you can contact the customer at the right time to keep them enthusiastic about your brand. Increased delivery of shipments will ensure customer satisfaction and thus the growth of your e-shop.

Demonstrations of functionalities directly from the system

It takes a few seconds to retrieve a label from the order detail.

If you change your order, you can easily delete the label or generate a refinement label.


  • Print individually from order detail
  • Bulk print from a list of orders
  • Supports printing on both A4 and web printers.

More about label printing

Who is Balíkobot suitable for?

Effective shipping is important for all types and sizes of e-shops. Thanks to the saved time and money, you can further develop and grow your business. Balobobot is already used by over 2,300 clients and you should be among them. ?

As one of our clients says:

"We are really happy with the Balíkobot service, because it has made it very easy and faster for us to work with package handling. The connection with the Upgates platform works without a problem and the helpdesk of Balíkobot always solved any problem when sending labels very quickly. We recommend for us! ”- Tomáš Úlehla,

You can read what people from companies shipping locally and around the world have to say about Balíkobot here.

List of supported carriers and services

Česká pošta
DR - Balík Do ruky
RR - Doporučená zásilka Ekonomická
NP - Balík Na poštu
VL - Cenné psaní
BA - Doporučený balíček
NB - Balík Do balíkovny
EMS - Expresní přeprava po ČR
RR - Doporučená zásilka do zahraničí Prioritní
VL - Cenné psaní do zahraničí Prioritní
EMS - Expresní přeprava do zahraničí
CS - Standardní balík do zahraničí Prioritní
CS - Standardní balík do zahraničí Ekonomický
CE - Obchodní balík do zahraničí
DHL Express
Letecký Express Worldwide zásilky
Pozemní Economy Select
DHL Freight
EuroConnect Domestic B2B
EuroConnect Domestic B2C
EuroConnect International
DPD Classic
DPD Private
DPD Pickup
International Priority
International Economy
FedEx Regional Economy
Balíková přeprava
Paletová přeprava
Vnitrostátní paletová zásilka (B2B)
Home Delivery Standard
Business Parcel
ShopDelivery Service
Express Parcel
Small Colli 24-CZ - hmotnost do 10kg
Medium Colli 24-CZ - hmotnost do 30kg
PUP - Výdejní místa CZ
Large Colli 48-SK - hmotnost do 50 kg
BOXCZ - Výdejní box CZ
Overnight Economy
Pošta bez hranic
PPL Česká republika
PPL Parcel Connect
PPL Parcel CZ Private
PPL Parcel CZ Business
PPL Parcel Connect PLUS
Smart CZ
Smart Europe
PPL Parcel Return Connect
Slovenská pošta
Expres kuriér na adresu
Expres kuriér na poštu
Expres kuriér do BalíkoBOXu
Balík na adresu
Balík na poštu
Economy Express
TopTrans 24 hodin
TopTrans Toptime
TopTrans Privat
Slovenská pošta - Zmluvný balík s poistením
Uloženka Partner
Doručení na adresu
Expres Kurýr SK
Zásilkovna - zasilkovna
AT Rakouská pošta HD
BE Nizozemská pošta HD
BG Speedy HD
CZ Zásilkovna domů HD
DK Post Nord HD
EE Omniva HD
ES Correos HD
FI Post Nord HD
FR Colissimo HD
GB Royal Mail 48 HD
HR Chorvatská pošta HD
HU Doručení na adresu HD
HU Maďarská pošta HD
CH LI Švýcarská pošta HD
CH LI Švýcarská pošta prioritní HD
LT Omniva HD
LV Omniva HD
NL Nizozemská pošta HD
PL Doručení na adresu HD
RO Doručení na adresu HD
RO Cargus HD
RO FAN Courier HD
SE Post Nord HD
SK Packeta Home HD
UA Meest Poshta HD
DE Hermes HD
RO Sameday HD
BE Belgická pošta HD
LU Lucemburská pošta HD
GR Taxydromiki HD
IT Bartolini HD
IE Fastway HD
HR Overseas HD
DE Home Delivery HD
US FedEx HD Priority
BG Econt HD
SI Post HD
EE Lithuanian Post HD
LV Lithuanian Post HD
LT Lithuanian Post HD
FR Colis Privé Direct HD
IT HR Parcel HD
GR Speedex HD
SI Express One HD

The addon enables connection to the following services: