• Pickup of parcels from an extensive network of delivery points: more than 5,000 delivery and drop-off points in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
  • Delivery of goods within the second day after the delivery.
  • Tracking shipments on the web and in the mobile application Packeta.
  • Simple and intuitive administration system.
  • Own dispatch point search engine: up-to-date list of dispatch points with all information in one place.

About the service

The mail order provides transportation of goods for e-shops. When purchasing goods, the customer chooses one of the dispensing points in the required location and the carrier will deliver it there within a few days. Complaints about purchased goods are also made at the branches. In most branches, it is possible to pay for the goods by cash on delivery. In 2019, the company operated almost 4,000 dispensing points for 28,000 online stores in all EU countries, including the Czech Republic. All dispensing points are operated in the form of a franchise. The franchise is designed as a platform for small regional entrepreneurs. The delivery also delivers to the address (home delivery).

From 2019, the company also began to provide shipments between individuals in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, both to delivery points and to the address (home delivery).

Why choose Packeta?

  • Don't wait
    We usually deliver within the next day. You can pick them up whenever you want and it only takes a few seconds.
  • You save
    We deliver shipments from more than 20,000 e-shops to you. Our prices start at a great 41 CZK!
  • You're comfortable
    We're everywhere you want us - on the way from work or at malls. You can choose from a wide network of 2674 dispensing points.

You often ask

You don't know why the Hungary Packeta doesn't work for us. After you select a shipping type, a branch selection window will open, but your content won't load.

For our part, it's just a matter of displaying content using an iframe. However, the content itself is loaded from Packeta. It is not in our competence to fix the matter. Please contact the support of Packeta regarding this matter.

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